Noël Cosgrove | Calgary Boudoir Photographer | Couples Session

When Ashley inquired about having a couple session I was ecstatic knowing she’d already worked with Jamie-Lee and loved her work. Nothing is greater than when clients are getting excited over the ladies on your team! Bryan nn

Ashley and Bryan travelled to me all the way from Saskatchewan to capture their couples boudoir session which is a huge compliment in itself! While many clients may be nervous with the idea of having a couple shoot it’s actually a lot more relaxed than you would believe. Having moments where the couple relaxes and just has an intimate moment with each other are often the most inspiring images. Apart from that it’s just a lot of laughs and climbing all around you to capture every angle.

My favourite part of this session was learning that not only was Bryan happy and willing but it in fact was his idea to book the session. I think it goes without saying that the men aren’t generally the ones pushing for any type of photography session.

If you’re interested in having an intimate couples boudoir session lets chat!

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Calgary Award Winning Boudoir Photography | Couples
Calgary Award Winning Boudoir Photographer | Couples