What our babes are saying…

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Melissa A.

I absolutely love what you do for all of us women Noel. Your work is incredible and you are always uplifting and inspiring us and helping us with self-love. Of course through your work but with your words and your posts. You really helped me gain confidence in a time I needed it more than I ever thought I would and Ill be forever grateful. You've given the title photographer so much more meaning than I ever knew possible. Iconic. 


Christine P.

Noël was so encouraging, empowering, professional and patient with me. It was such an amazing experience. I am plus size, I am a Mom to 9 beautiful children, I am wife, I am still self conscious of my weight most days but for the first time seeing myself in pictures I can say I felt and feel beautiful as well.


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Jessica R.

I walked into that room feeling so unconfident and SURE that I would NEVER be able to pull off looking sexy and by half way through that session I had been so encouraged and complimented that I actually felt the part, I felt empowered, confident and gorgeous. I had no idea if that would translate onto these images, but I didn't care because what I felt in that room I had never felt before. I was confident in my skin, and loving getting to try all the different posses and having the time of my life. 

You know what I really think I got out of these photos, is I saw the women my husband had been trying to encourage that he saw in me. I wasn't just a mom in these photos, I wasn't puke covered, I wasn't at the end of my sanity trying to be patient and kind. But now forever, because of these images, I get to be reminded that I am also a sexy, strong, confident woman.